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In order to experience the real difficulty of every raid, we will follow a strict gear restriction only on bosses we didn't killed yet in guild.
This means that once a boss is defeated in guild we can equip any gear during the next runs on this boss.
Another way to see this is to think you're on retail and the latest raid out is the one we are about to enter in; you can't have gear/enchants from further raids/reputations...
When a boss is down in guild, all the gear he can loot can be used everywhere (if you have some in bank you can equip them now).


Naxx / OS / Archavon > EoE = T7
Ulduar / Emalon = T8
Ony / ToC / Koralon = T9
ICC / Toravon = T10


Is allowed :
 - All Dungeon gear EXCEPT iLvL 213/219/232 from ToC, FoS, PoS and HoR.
 - All items from the Heirloom / Heroism emblems including the 2 T7 tokens.
 - All gems.
 - All enchants EXCEPT Blade Ward and Blood Draining.
 - All BoE from Naxx and Sartha 10/25.
 - All profession craft with an iLvL max of 200.
 - All items from reputation except The Argent Tournament and The Ashen Verdict.
 - All trash loots from Naxx and Sartha 10/25.
 - The Ring / Band of the Kirin Tor with a Max iLvL of 200.

Isn't allowed :
 - Gear from ToC, FoS, PoS and HoR.
 - Items from the Emblems of Valor / Conquest / Triumph / Frost vendor.
 - Blade Ward and Blood Draining enchants.
 - All gear from EoE, Ulduar, Ony, ToC and ICC (even BoE).
 - All craft from Ulduar, ToC and ICC.
 - Items from The Argent Tournament and The Ashen Verdict reputations.
 - The Ring / Band of the Kirin Tor with an iLvL of 213 or higher.

EoE's key drops on Sapphiron so will start it after we've done at least one down of Sapphiron.

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