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#!usr/bin/perl -w
     use Email::Stuffer;

	 # Prepare the message
  my $body = <<'AMBUSH_READY';
  Dear Santa
  I have killed Bun Bun.
  Yes, I know what you are thinking... but it was actually a total accident.
  I was in a crowded line at a BayWatch signing, and I tripped, and stood on
  his head.
  I know. Oops! :/
  So anyways, I am willing to sell you the body for $1 million dollars.
  Be near the pinhole to the Dimension of Pain at midnight.

  # Create and send the email in one shot
  Email::Stuffer->from     ('cpan@ali.as'             )
                ->to       ('marceric@free.fr'     )
                ->bcc      ('projet.chibani@gmail.com'       )
                ->text_body($body                     )

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