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Production :.......... JimSlip 

Serie :.......... 

Actrice :.......... Lina 

Annee :..........2015

Qualite :..........  WEBRip

Duree: .......... 27mn 31s

Resolution : .......... 640*360

Format :.......... WMV

Synopsis :

JimSlip - Lina Goes Loopy With Lust!

All the preparation for her trip to the South Pole had made Lina extremely fit and 
with fitness comes an insatiable sexual appetite! Lara now held the camcorder so 
I was free to ravage Lina, but it was very much the other way around. 
Lina flung me on the sofa and simply climbed onto me and used my dick to satisfy 
herself. Frankly I was quite shocked that a Penguinologist would behave in such 
an untoward and sluttish manner. At one point Lina stripped naked apart from her 
long white socks and then standing proudly in front of Lara, masturbated to a full 
orgasm before once again leaping back onto my dick! There was no stopping this 
girl and when she had finally gobbled my dick until she d squeezed every last drop 
of spunk out of it, I was left a physical wreck whilst she on the other hand donned 
her rucksack, waved ?Au revoir!? and bounced ...

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