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Chatting with Zera

Castle Clash Meet-UP
Zera has joined. Should the chat be disconnected, please reconnect and try again. Thank you!
Hello, this is Zera. Welcome to IGG Live Support.


You could try to add the Facebook users that are having problems in the game and you could send them messages to help them out.
I already do but I would be recognized by the Castle Clash team. But this is a good solution.
I see, you could try to apply for a moderator position in the forums so that you would be recognized by the Castle Clash team. The current forum moderators will be the one to review your application and see if you are qualified to be one of the moderators for the forums.
Okay, how to apply?
You could try to post you application at http://cc.forum.igg.com/
The forum moderators will have it checked and reply to the post you have made.
I have to make my application on http://cc.forum.igg.com, to apply for the French forum?
If you wanted to apply for a moderator possition on the French forum, then you will need to post your application on the French forum.
You could include anything you think will help you get the position desired.
You're very welcome. In order to improve the quality of our service, please rate our conversation on Live Support after ending the conversation. Thank you for your support, cooperation and have a great day!
Chat session timed out.

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