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DO NOT SHARE THIS WEBSITE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!! You don't want your administrator to block this website or KProxy. Some protective measures are in place, but it wouldn't be too hard for your administrator to open this page and view the code.


Here, you can click on any link to connect directly to the target sever. This bypasses any network restrictions, however, some websites may not be in the correct language for your area. This is due to KProxy changing your IP address, making it look like you are from a different location. The links provided are constantly being updated, but some websites may not be listed (KProxy links change frequently: these links never stay the same). You can use the Bing.com link to search for websites through the KProxy server. Please note that not all websites will work. Login pages that require the page to redirect may cause your browser to block the site (usually with a error stating the page redirected too many times).

NOTE: This website uses a free KProxy server. It could be overloaded at times, which prevents you from accessing their services.
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